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IN THE MATTER OF THE MARRIAGE OF                        §            IN THE DISTRICT COURT

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AND IN THE INTEREST OF:                                          §

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MINOR CHILDREN                                                       §                    _______________COUNTY, TEXAS



IT IS ORDERED that Loretta Maase, M.A., is appointed as parenting coordinator to assist _______________________________________________, MOTHER, and ________________________________________________, FATHER, in resolving parental conflicts through confidential procedures pursuant to Texas Family Code §153.605.  The Court finds that there is good cause shown and it is in the best interest of the child[ren] the subject of this suit that a parenting coordinator be appointed.  The Court further finds that the individual appointed as the parenting coordinator has the minimum qualifications required to be appointed as a parenting coordinator under the Texas Family Code.  All counsel are ordered to fax or email a copy of this order and attached Parenting Coordination Services Information Sheet to Loretta Maase, M.A. PO Box 90874, Austin, TX 78709, ph 512-897-8777, fax 512-518-3446, LorettaMaase@parentrise.com within [five (5)] business days of the signing of this order.  The parties are ordered to complete and return to Ms. Maase any intake information requested by Ms. Maase and to schedule the first appointment with the parenting coordinator within [10] business days of the signing of this order.

The first parenting coordination session shall be scheduled within [15] days of the date of the signing of this order.  If no agreed-upon date for the first parenting coordination session can be scheduled within [15] days, the parenting coordinator shall select a date within [20] days, and all parties shall appear as directed by the parenting coordinator.  The duration of, frequency of, and parties in attendance at each parenting coordination session shall be left to the discretion of the parenting coordinator.

Parenting coordination is for the purpose of assisting the parties in resolving parenting issues through confidential procedures.  The duties of the parenting coordinator are limited to matters that will aid the parties in identifying disputed issues, reducing misunderstandings, clarifying priorities, exploring possibilities for problem solving, developing methods of collaboration in parenting, understanding parenting plans and reaching agreements about parenting issues to be included in a parenting plan, complying with the Court's order regarding conservatorship or possession of and access to the child[ren], implementing parenting plans, obtaining training regarding problem solving, conflict management, and parenting skills, and settling disputes regarding parenting issues and reaching a proposed joint resolution or statement of intent regarding those disputes.

The appointment of a parenting coordinator does not divest the Court of its exclusive jurisdiction to determine issues of conservatorship, support, and possession of and access to the child[ren] or the authority to exercise management and control of the suit.  Accordingly, the parenting coordinator may not modify any order, judgment, or decree.  If agreements are made that require legal processing, representing attorneys or pro se parties will process the agreements through appropriate legal procedures.

IT IS ORDERED that the fees of the parenting coordinator shall be paid [50] percent by MOTHER and [50] percent by FATHER.  Each party is responsible for that party's defined portion of cost.  Each party is ordered to pay directly to the parenting coordinator the assigned fees according to the policies of the parenting coordinator.

IT IS ORDERED that the parenting coordinator shall submit a written status report to the Court and to the parties and their attorneys every 60 days or as requested by the parties or the Court.  IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the report must be limited to a statement of whether the parenting coordination should continue.

Parenting coordination is private, confidential, and privileged, except as provided by applicable law.  IT IS ORDERED that the parenting coordinator shall not be a witness, and the parenting coordinator's records may not be subpoenaed or used as evidence.  Nothing in this order shall serve to release the parenting coordinator from the legal obligation to report child, elder, or disability abuse.  IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that no subpoenas, citations, writs, or other process shall be served at or near the location of any parenting coordination session on any person entering, leaving, or attending any parenting coordination session.

Referral to parenting coordination is not a substitute for trial, and the case may be tried if not settled or agreed to continue in parenting coordination or other intervention service.  The Court shall remove the parenting coordinator on the request and agreement of all parties, on the request of the parenting coordinator, on the motion of a party if good cause is shown or if the parenting coordinator ceases to satisfy the minimum qualifications required.  The parenting coordinator may recommend termination of the service when making a status report.

ON THIS THE ____________ DAY OF __________________, 201__.