ParentRise Mission

To restore safety, healing and hope to single parents and their children by providing education, comprehensive web-based resources, and ongoing support designed to strengthen and nurture the relationship between single parents and their children.


After the loss of a spouse, through death or divorce, the single parent goes though an intensive adjustment period that typically lasts between six months to one year. In order to move through the initial stages of recovery, the single parent must take time to grieve, adjust, and learn to cope with his or her new role as single head of household. This is analogous to a parent’s need to put an oxygen mask on herself first, before putting one on her children. Single parents also benefit from parenting support during this time, but as a secondary focus. The single parent needs to begin the personal healing process and gain strength before she can be strong for her children.

There are effective support programs available to help parents through these initial stages of grief and recovery (DivorceCare).

Following the initial crisis stage and the subsequent stages of recovery, the demands of raising children supersedes the demands of personal recovery. However, there are fewer resources available to help the single parent make this transition. Very few support programs move beyond grief recovery to supporting single parents through the long-term adjustments and demands of being single heads of households. This second stage lasts for years, either until the children are raised or the parent remarries. The single parent must continue to heal during this second stage, but this healing most effectively occurs within the context of stabilizing and strengthening her children, her family, and herself.

Our focus at ParentRise is to support parents through this second stage of growth. We believe that single parents thrive when they are empowered with: job preparedness and career options, budgeting and money management skills, effective parent education that addresses all stages of children’s developmental needs, access to legal resources and help with understanding family law, spiritual guidance, networking with other single parents, and ongoing clinical support.

It is to this end that we are dedicated to helping restore, safety, healing, and hope to single parents and their children.