Parenting Coordination Fees & Details


As a Parenting Coordinator, I am respectful of people's different income levels. As such, the fee is set on a fee-for-service basis using a sliding scale that ranges from $110 - $150 per hour. The actual fee then is determined by your joint income, or may be determined by your assets or a fee may be set at the discretion of the Parenting Coordinator if income is in dispute. You will be charged from the beginning of the scheduled appointment time, even if you are late. Appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours (two business days) will be billed for one hour. Further, time will be taken at the beginning of the first meeting for me to present my qualifications, experience, and approach to service so that service is provided on an informed basis. This is deemed part of the time provided and billed for.

A retainer based on 10 hours of service at the respective rate, as per the fee schedule below, is required prior to commencing. Billing will be on basis of actual time spent on any activity related to the assessment critique service, charged at the rate as per the fee schedule below. You will be billed for any activity directed to your case. If less time is taken than covered by the retainer, a refund will be issued. If more time is required than covered by the retainer, the Parenting Coordinator may ask for additional funds to be provided before continuing the service.

The fee for Parenting Coordination is at a rate as per the following fee schedule:


Fee Schedule (based on joint income): Income


$0 - $150,000                $110.00

$150,000 - $250,000     $125.00

$250,000+                      $150.00