Adolescent Therapy

At ParentRise, we recognize the transition between childhood and adulthood is full of challenges. Parents often feel lost about how to help their child in the midst of today’s changing youth. Teens feel alone, yet simultaneously desire independence as they navigate their developing identity amidst changing bodies, emotions and fears.
At ParentRise, we understand issues common for adolescents and how families can work best to come together to chart the best course possible. Some of the things we can help kids and their parents navigate include any number of situations from family difficulties, anxiety, depression, peer pressure at school, eating disorders, cutting behaviors, drug or alcohol use, school issues, abuse, mental illness, sexual activity, or other stressful situations.        

Adolescent and family counseling can help rebuild trust in families, teach effective communication and help to transition the relationships from parent to child toward being adult parent to adult child. We specialize in providing Nurturing Parenting Program and Dialetical Behavioral interventions, and other evidence-based strategies, to help adolescents learn how to deal with emotions more effectively, identify unhelpful thinking patterns, choose new ways of thought that encourage self-respect and positive choices, and learn to eliminate self-destructive or inappropriate behaviors.                                                                                                                                            
At ParentRise, we love working with teenagers and are here to help.