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Parent Coaching and New Ways for Families


Parent Coaching ~ ParentRise Nurturing Co-Parent Program

Our CoParent services are designed for any parents struggling with how to parent together without conflict.  Our CoParent Program can be life changing, and a true gift to the children of any family.  Our private/individual sessions follow the same curriculum as our 16-week classes. In our classes, parents meet together in group format, separately with same-sex parents, and in private joint sessions (approximately four) with therapist.


What Co-Parents will Learn

* How to recognize when their empathy is low, causing reactive and negative behaviors.

*How to identify and meet personal needs constructively while understanding and meeting children’s needs, particularly as they related to the trauma and loss of parental conflict or divorce.

* How to identify and overcome destructive attitudes affecting their role as a parent and co-parent.

* How conflict affects child development and how to support children during each developmental stage.

* How to regulate their emotions and assist their children in doing the same.

* How to recognize co-parent impasses keeping parents stuck.

* How to recognize, identify, and begin to reprogram distorted thinking patterns driving conflict.

* How to effectively communicate, resolve conflicts, reduce stress, and problem solve parenting and co-parenting issues.


Who Should Attend, and What Will it Be Like?


This program is designed for moderate to high-conflict co-parents struggling with parenting and/or co-parenting issues.  Extended family members responsible for all or part of parenting children are also welcome. Parent Coaching is taught in both individual and class formats. Class formats include a children class for ages 5-12. The Nurturing Program Children’s Class takes place at the same time as the parents’ class and includes the Nurturing Program Children’s Curriculum.


Fee: Fee for 10-week class is  $90/hour for individual class sessions and $500/per parent for group classes (cost effective as traditional Parenting Coordination/Facilitation can occur on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for one to two years at approximately $100/hour).


Contact Us for Class Schedule. Individual/private classes are ongoing while the 10-week class is offered quarterly throughout the year.




New Ways for Families

New Ways for Families is a short-term method for strengthening conflict skills for parents in separation or divorce, whether married or never-married. It’s designed to save courts time, to save parents money, and to protect children as their families re-organize in new ways.


This method is offered in five models, and can be used in family court, mediation, collaborative divorce, or even after the divorce. The focus is on parents practicing four key conflict-reducing skills before the big decisions are made, and teaching these same skills for resiliency to their children. The goal is to help parents make their own parenting decisions out of court. Skills taught:


• Flexible Thinking: Acknowledging that there is more than one solution to most problems 
• Managed Emotions: Controlling one’s own anger, sadness, fear, and anxiety so as to not over-react 
• Moderate Behaviors: Avoiding extreme actions and language 
• Checking Yourself: Reminding yourself to use these skills at times of stress


Contact us to get started in the New Ways for Families program. 





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