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For parents who fear their children are being turned against them ~ or ~ who are being accused of alienating the children from the other parent. Our comprehensive assessments provide an unbiased, objective analysis of the origins and progression of parent/child contact problems. NOTE: Not all contact problems are due to alienation. There are times when parents own behaviors create the estrangement with their children and the rejection is justified. Using research-based, defensible diagnostic tools, we are able to systematically root out and diagnose estrangement (due to abuse/neglect/domestic violence and/or substance abuse), parental alienation, or the rare hybrid (where both alienation and estrangement are present). We provide a full and detailed report of our findings at the conclusion of the assessment. Parental alienation assessments involving contact with both parents, children, and collaterals require a court, or agreed, order. However, forensic file reviews do not, and most of the time prove to be just as effective. Please contact us for more information. 

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