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Living Well on Your Budget
by Jill Barnes



Make your money behave; tell your money where to go or it will go where it pleases.   Stop charging and take charge of your money and debt.


  • Step 1: Know how much money you have coming in and in savings.

  • Step 2: Know how much money you spend.  (Keep track of spending.)

  • Step 3. Know how much money you must have to meet obligations and living expenses.

  • Step 4. Set up a budget, accounting for every dollar.  Must have a written plan.

  • Step 5. Live within and by your budget.  DO IT!


Use the envelop system (see below)


On-line free Money Map (Christian based)
Step-by-step journey to financial freedom with an on-line community

What to Know About Budgeting:
Why Do I Need a Budget?

Why Live on a Budget?

Christian View on Budgeting

Secrets to Budgeting:

Six things that will make a budget fail:

Envelop Budgeting System

Create a Budget:
Tools & Resources:
Work sheets, calculators and money-saving tips to guide your financial planning

Financial Statement
List your assets and your debts

Quickie Budget:

Monthly Cash Flow Plan:

Percentage of Income Guide for Family Budget

Debt List
Keep track of your debits, payments and payoff dates

Savings Account Allocations
Keep track of your savings – monthly budgeted long term items that are deposited into bank account until needed to pay out

Irregulary Income Planning

Account Tracking On-line -  Free Quicken

Budgeting Classes:

  • Find a ‘Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University’ class in your area.

    ask about available scholarships to cover the cost of the materials

    class is free (except cost of materials ~$120) and lasts approximately 10 weeks

    or Dave Ramsey’s online Total Money Make Over website including interactive forms and tools for $89.00/year at:

  • Find a Crown Ministries (Christian based) course.

  • Community schools

Round Rock ISD Community School

Austin ISD Community School (at Murchison)

  • Libraries

Austin City Library Consumer Help

Free Forms:

  • Crown Ministries

  • Dave Ramsey – ‘User Tools’ at bottom of page

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© Jill Barnes. 2009. All Rights Reserved.


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