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Angel Food Ministries

Food for Families



Angel Food Ministries is a non-profit, non-denominational organization dedicated to providing food relief and contributing to benevolent outreaches in communities throughout the United States.  Angel Food Ministries (AFM) operates in 36 states out of churches.

Provides quality food, including meat at a low cost, ie. $30 to feed a family for four for one week. There are no pre-qualifications needed, it is available to everyone.  They accept cash, money order or food-stamps.  Order forms and payment must be received approximately two weeks before distribution date.  There are several different ‘packages’ you can order including a Senior Pack of ten precooked meals,  a Meat Pack, a Fruit and Vegetable Pack and many more.



Go to Angel Food Ministries website:

Find your closest local host site by entering in Zip Code

Select icon on map (when name of church comes up press ‘more’)

Select the church website under ‘Contact Information’

At church website, select Angel Food Ministries page and follow their instructions on how to order:

View menu

Print out menu

Fill out, include payment and mail in two weeks prior to delivery date

Pick up food on pick-up date – be sure to be there on time, with proof of ID and with a box or clothes basket to carry-out food (preferably no bags).

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