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Guardian Ad-Litem


A Guardian Ad-Litem (GAL) is apointed by the court to represent the interests of minor children. A GAL independently conducts a thorough investigation on behalf of the child. He/she interviews many people: the child, counselors, pediatricians, psychiatrists and psychologists, mental health professionals, people from the neighborhood, schools, churches and law enforcement, and friends. The Guardian Ad Litem also examines and collects records from many sources concerning the child. The Guardian Ad Litem then takes this information to the experts in the community for recommendations on what is best for the child.

The Guardian Ad Litem serves as a monitor of the agencies and persons who provide services to the child. He/she assures that orders of the Court are carried out, and that families and children in need receive the help that they should.

The Guardian Ad Litem assures that the child’s wishes are heard, and that the best interest of the child is presented to the Court and agencies dealing with the child. He/she writes reports and speaks in court, for the best interest of the child. 


Please contact Loretta Maase, M.A., LPC for information about our Guardian ad Litem services. 

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