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Loretta Maase, M.A. is a Credentialed Mediator with Advanced Training in Divorce and Child Custody and is available to conduct mediations throughout Texas and in other jursidictions around the country as requested.


Ms. Maase is also a mental health provider with a Master’s Degree in Counseling, with a concentration in Child Development and Parent Education. She has specialized in working with high-conflict and at-risk families for over 20 years.


Most legal cases don’t actually go all the way to a trial. Instead, cases are settled through mediation or collaboration — almost always for a much lower cost than continuing to fight. Mediation can be a tremendously effective tool in resolving disputes without destroying business, family, or personal relationships. It allows parties to work toward a resolution out of the public eye (the courts) without spending large sums on legal expenses. Learn about this option for resolving conflict and making educated decisions about your case.

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