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New Ways for Families


New Ways for Families is a short-term method for strengthening conflict skills for parents in separation or divorce, whether married or never-married. It’s designed to save courts time, to save parents money, and to protect children as their families re-organize in new ways.


This method is offered in five models, and can be used in family court, mediation, collaborative divorce, or even after the divorce. The focus is on parents practicing four key conflict-reducing skills before the big decisions are made, and teaching these same skills for resiliency to their children. The goal is to help parents make their own parenting decisions out of court.

• Flexible Thinking: Acknowledging that there is more than one solution to most problems 
• Managed Emotions: Controlling one’s own anger, sadness, fear, and anxiety so as to not over-react 
• Moderate Behaviors: Avoiding extreme actions and language 
• Checking Yourself: Reminding yourself to use these skills at times of stress


New Ways for Families Agreement


New Ways for Families Parent Instructions

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