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Slander Hurts Children

Regarding articles and statements about TPFF-Texas and TPFF, the statements aren’t criticism. They’re slander and confirmatory bias. TPFF accepts cases ONLY by court order. So these slanderous lies would have the reader believe that the great courts across the country, after hearing all the evidence, are knowingly giving custody of children to pedophiles and child abusers. If you believe that, then I guess you are free to believe the slanderous lies about TPFF.

“Journalists” post lies and slanderous stories about clinical professionals from all genres and get away with it with impunity. Why? Because licensed professionals are bound by HIPPA laws and confidentiality and are therefore unable to correct the record (even though there are ample corrections that could and should be made). So we must rely on logic. For example:

· Why don’t reporters include information on the court’s Findings of Facts about why children are removed from their alienating parents in the first place? They are removed for protective reasons after years of abuse, and there is certainly ample evidence of the abuse documented in the record.

· If TPFF-T and TPFF are so destructive to children, why haven’t the very courts who ordered the TPFF program reversed the order?

· Why have the courts invariably extended the protective no-contact order?

· Why are courts across this country still seeking our services if TPFF is so destructive? Judges talk to judges across the country and get the true story about the TPFF intervention.

· Applying diagnostic criteria when assessing “bona fide abuse” or improprieties, one should apply logic. Why hasn’t Ms. Maase, Ms. Gottlieb, or other associated treatment providers been cited by any regulatory board following the slanderous accusations?

Mostly, such slanderous and irresponsible “reporting” is an insult to our Court system and an extension of the degradation at the core of alienating behaviors. And these “reporters” put children in harm’s way in the process.


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