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ParentRise Nurturing CoParent Program

8 week Co-Parenting Class for Separated, Divorced, or High-Conflict CoParents

Sponsored by Loretta Maase, MA,  LPC, NCC



      ParentRise Co-Parent program is designed for families typically referred for co-parent counseling, parent coaching, or parenting

coordination/facilitation by Guardian ad Litems, family attorneys, judges, CPS caseworkers, and mental health/social services providers.

The goal of PCPP is to help parents gain the skill and awareness they need to build a bridge to successful co-parenting.

In this 8 week Co-Parent Program parents learn: 


  • how to identify and overcome destructive attitudes affecting their

    roles as parents and co-parents

  • how to learn emotional regulation for themselves and

    their children

  • how to identify and meet their needs constructively while understanding

    and meeting their children’s needs                                                                                     

  • how to effectively communicate, resolve

    conflicts, reduce stress, and problem solve parenting and co-parenting issues.

Who to Refer:

     This is a family based program co-parents will attend with their children. Children’s groups will be conducted simultaneously and age appropriate instruction will be provided. All family members will leave each session with home-practice assignments.

  • Moderate to High-Conflict Co-Parents struggling with parenting and/or co-parenting issues.

  • Extended Family Members Responsible for All or Part of Parenting Children


-New Classes Beginning October 13, 7:00-9:00pm -


Cost is $400/person ($50/wk). Space is limited. For more information or to register, contact:


         Loretta Maase, MA, LPC, NCC – (512)897-8777



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