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Loretta Maase, M.A., L.P.C.-S


At Turning Points for Families ~ Texas our goal is to help families find healing and restoration. We specialize in working with parents and co-parents (divorced, separated, never married). We provide: 

  • 5-Day Intensive Family Therapy Program for healing DSM-5-TR-Related Parent.Child Contact Problems

  • DSM-5-TR Family Relationship Forensic Evaluation 

  • Expert Testimony​ throughout the United States

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“Clinical psychologists' failure to achieve a more significant impact on clinical and public health may be traced to their deep ambivalence about the role of science and their lack of adequate science training" … Timothy Baker, 2009

We understand there has been some recent concern regarding family reconnection services. We encourage you to read our statement in response. We also kindly remind you to be discerning and always do your own research when consuming content on the internet.  For more information about the current controversies click here. 


Intensive Family Therapy for

Healing Dysfunctional, Violent, and/or Abusive Family Relationships


Featured Videos:

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ABC News Documentary on Parental Alienation. Real story of how alienating parents manipulate the media, law enforcement, family, and friends. Footprints in the Snow.

Dr. Steven Miller on Parental Alienation and research, PA as child abuse, traditional therapies are worse than worthless, and more.

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